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April 27, 2003
Added a new link.

February 9, 2003
Added a new affiliate: Mason Eckhart Online
Added two new banners to the Link To Me section.
Added a new link.

October 6, 2002
Added a new link.
Created an Image Gallery for Jesse/Brennan.  This includes official photos, modified photos, and any fanart that is sent to me, so if you have some fanart send it to me.

September 29, 2002
Added three affiliates: Proxy Blue, ...Mightier Than the Sword, and Shadows Fused.
Added a new link.

September 22, 2002
Created Synergetic Dynamo from my original Jesse/Brennan page at Proxy Blue.
Added a counter to the main page.
Joined the MX Top 10 list.  Please vote for me.
Joined the Sanctuary X's Top 10 list.  Please vote for me.
Added information on the Whys.
Added a page for fanfiction.  If you have any, send it to me.  Also added three stories to the page.
The Importance of Teamwork by JenCat.
Looks Can Be Deceiving by JenCat.
Sound and Fury, Signifying Everything by JenCat.