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Why Synergetic Dynamo?     |     Why Brennan and Jesse?

Brennan using his powersJesse using his powers Why Synergetic Dynamo?
Well I chose this title for a number of reasons.  First off, I wanted something that related to the two of them.  So I decided to focus on their abilities and on the codenames that they have never used.  Fuse for Brennan and Synergy for Jesse.  But I didn't want to use those specifically as they didn't combine very well, so I looked at synonyms for those words as well as words that were synonymous with their abilities.

Synergetic - I chose this because it seemed to be a good expansion of the word synergy, something along the lines of energy to energetic.  My only problem was that I couldn't find it or synergy in a regular dictionary, though I did find synergism (the joint action of agents, as drugs, that when taken together increase each other's effectiveness).  I did find synergy in my Medical Dictionary though (correlated action or cooperation by two or more structures or drugs).  These definitions do make me think of Jesse's abilities.

Dynamo -  The dictionary defines dynamo as 1. an electric generator, especially for direct current  2. an energetic, forceful person.  Both of these seem to suit Brennan to a tee.  He is an electric generator and he is an energetic, forceful person.

Brennan and Jesse in Season One Why Brennan and Jesse?
Why not? ;^)

There are a number of reasons why I would like to see Jesse and Brennan together as a couple.  The main reason is that they are two gorgeous guys who would look good together.  While my first love is Shalimar & Brennan, there is just something about Brennan and Jesse which caught my eye.  They are one of the few slash couples I like.

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